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Watching the River Rise

Hi Magic Typewriter, I’m back! My last post was kind of all over the place, so let’s see if I can write about one idea in a style that honors some narrative cohesion. While I was traveling I took some … Continue reading

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I See A Thousand People Just Like Me

If I read one more report about how online education is failing at community colleges, I’m going to jump on the ranty rant bloggy blog train until it derails. But right now, I’m in a fantastic mood because I spent … Continue reading

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Humanities Lecture 2015: Book Nerd, Meet Tech Geek

Back in the halcyon days of my undergraduate years, I took several classes from a William Blake scholar, and my favorite class was titled The Word and The Image. We talked quite a bit about this plate from Blake, and I … Continue reading

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The tea cosy that taught me – a story about knitting and learning

Originally posted on Francesbell's Blog:
Saartje bootees Berry hat ? ? ? ? ? I am a fairly unprolific knitter who loves knitting. I do knit repeats of things I have knitted before, like the berry hat and Saartje…

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Chumps, Champions, & Chicken Littles

I’ve been thinking and talking about leadership quite a bit lately. It’s somehow bringing all of the research I’ve done on teacher burnout, motivation, educational technology, mentoring, adjuncts, and faculty learning communities together. Who knew? Somebody called me a “thought leader” … Continue reading

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