You’re The Only One I Can Tell

“You know,” she said, “this is either going to be the best adventure ever or the biggest mistake of my life. What do you think?”

I wish I could say I had some words of wisdom or brave statements full of empowerment for my friend, but I’ll admit it: I totally cracked up.

“If you tell me that’s a great memoir title, I’m going to punch you. Seriously, dude, I need some advice.”

Then I lost it laughing so hard, I almost had to pull the car over. Here I am driving my friend, one of my closest friends ever, to a trail head so we can spend two days in the back-country and she’s pouring her heart to me. Big huge life changes are afoot for her. She’s trying to get a new job, and although I begged her to not check her voicemail before we left, she did. And they offered her the job.

So I told her what I think she should do. Salary, location, and job description are the holy trifecta of employment happiness. If it’s too much of a pay cut, then don’t do it. If you’re not sure you will love the place, maybe you shouldn’t do it. If they don’t tell you specifically what you’re going to be doing, don’t do it. I composed myself and offered a longish lecture on what I’d say. How I’d say it. What I’d ask for. What I’d ask about.

She looked at me. “I need to write that down, and you’re only one I can tell.”

So here’s the thing: when somebody tells you you’re the only one she can talk to about something, it’s a lot of pressure. You need to be a good friend–A fine fellow human being who can help guide somebody you love. Only I have no idea what I’m talking about nor can I say for sure what I would do. Teetering between a giant mistake and a grand adventure, however, is better than being bored out of frickin’ your mind. Trust me. This I know for sure.

We’re making plans this week, and I thought I’d send her a list of songs for the next seven days. I need to spice it up and have some fun. You need some fun on a Monday, right? Right.

Monday will be the same as it ever was:

 Tuesday, I’ll be there:

Wednesday, pack your bags to do this:

And really, if she busts out a question like that on me as we’re heading into the woods this weekend, I’ll have this song on queue:

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2 Responses to You’re The Only One I Can Tell

  1. CogDog says:

    After a string of let downs by friends I gotta say I wish I had more like you, and I hope some of them read this as a “sub comment”

    Talk about a memoir title? Or maybe a t-shirt? Or just worth stenciling to your soul-“Teetering between a giant mistake and a grand adventure, however, is better than being bored out of frickin’ your mind. ”

    Hope your friends knows what she’s got, whisky or not.


  2. LOL! I’m actually a bigger fan of the F bomb, but I thought I’d keep it clean(er) with “frickin”–I like the idea for a t-shirt too. I know I have friends who may see me as the friend-who-lets-people-down so I am by no means perfect. I just didn’t want this story to live in the email box. This friend in this story is a good one with and without whiskey. You’d like her. She has two rescue dogs–one 130+ Bernese Mountain dog who is blind and, Ruby, who was a death row doggie. She whines all the time and uses her nose to nudge you. If you keep your elbows and drink up high and think of her whining as talking, she’s actually a really sweet dog.


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