A Path Of Recent Thought

I think of this as my main blog, and I want to keep it that way for now since some people actually tune in. I don’t know who you all are, but thanks for placing your needle on the record of my thoughts from time to time.

I want to explain– and record what I’ve been up to with writing. You know, just in case you care how I’m getting bloggy with it these days.

If you follow this blog, you know that I sometimes write about the way I classify life.

1] There’s the jobby job–the activity which results in a paycheck.

2] The hobby job–the activity which results in no paycheck, but makes me very happy.

3] Then there are my beloved Adventures. The part of life that doesn’t connect to money, the material, or intentional mindfulness about being happy. It just happens.

I’ve been searching for all three to come together and that’s the moment I want to record right now.  The jobby job feels like a hobby job and it’s a total adventure. A Memoir.

This is where it gets really interesting: I’m writing everyday. I’m reading everyday. Intentionally. Mindfully. Adventurously. And it all kind of connects in interesting ways.

Here’s the path of my recent thought.

Sometime in October, I committed to writing one short article a day for the latest iteration of the federated wiki. I now have written 55 posts since October 27, 2015. That’s pretty incredible for me given how much my life has changed during this time. I’ve also written elsewhere in paper journals, on debit card receipts, and on bar napkins, but I haven’t written here to explain what I’m up to and how to follow.

But for what it’s worth, as they say, dear readers. Here’s the thing.

Sometimes I’m writing here on this blog you are reading, obviously.

Since October, I have for many days written here.

Then all my posts got magically moved to the wikity.cc which connects to other people writing together to my own site. Heretofore, I will continue my 100 day project there.

I just glanced through the pages featuring forkable content for the massess and my work–the entire record of my days–is all there. I shared my entire thought process as I wrote an outline for a book that I’d like to write. A book I’d like to write.

Wait. Hear that? It’s the broken record I keep playing in my mind.

I’ve now spent a year writing with the federated wiki. It’s changed my way of thinking about time and learning.

Time as it relates to teaching and learning.

Time as it relates to teacher collaboration.

Time as it relates to open educational pedagogy.

Time as it relates to sharing my learning in a community.

Time as it relates to publishing one’s ideas to share with others.

During this time, I’ve taken up yoga again and I’ve been looking up words that my teachers use as they explain the poses that are now so hard. Dammit. Three years ago, they were so easy for me. Learning poses again has made me both frustrated and sad. Thrilled and motivated.

Each day, my teacher said, connects to the Samvatsara. I had no clue what she meant because I was focusing on not passing out from pain. I’ll look that up later and write about it, I thought.

Samvatsara, turns out is a Sanskit word meaning year. Each day connects to the year. Intentionally. Mindfully. Adventurously.

About Alyson Indrunas

Always learning about instructional design, educational technology, professional development, adult education, and writing.
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1 Response to A Path Of Recent Thought

  1. T. Andrew says:

    Glad the new gig is working out so well, Former Madame Director. And hope the jobby job stays hobbyific. I feel like I’ve spent my entire career in some kind of weird professional purgatory between hobby job and jobby job. That’s made me happier – and luckier – than a lot of folks, but professional nirvana has always remained frustratingly just out of reach. If you’re still feeling this kind of buzz about the jobby job in a couple years, your loyal readers are going to be expecting a post about reaching the professional promised land.

    Give my regards to the rest of Team Elroy! – The Journalist


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