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Always learning about instructional design, educational technology, #OER, professional development, adult education & writing. Travels to talk about Open Education during the workweek. Advocates for more girls on bikes during the weekend. Bike racer w/ @queensofdirt A Memoir.

Twelve Things & #AmWriting

It takes work to shift your focus from the smudges on the windows to the view outside. ~Heather Havrilesky I’ve shifted my focus a bit on the social media since the start of the year just as an experiment, and … Continue reading

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Stretching Into Change

One stranger who understands your experience exactly will do for you what hundreds of close friends and family who don’t understand cannot. It is the necessary palliative for the pain of stretching into change. It is the cool glass of … Continue reading

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12 Posts Complete: A Memoir

I promised myself I would post monthly, and I’m happy to report that I will meet that goal when I click publish today. This post will be short (for me) because I’m still on my break from the social, the … Continue reading

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Photos & A Thousand Words

I’ve been noodling on whether or not to post this, and I’m waking up this morning to the feeling that this post is nothing compared to the everyday challenges I faced as a writing teacher. I’ve been going through old … Continue reading

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The Red Pencil

“Always allow yourself the uncomfortable luxury of changing your mind” ~Maria Popova In a creative writing class, a teacher once told us a story about Raymond Carver who was a legend for reading his published works with a red pencil … Continue reading

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“The real risk is not changing. I have to feel like I’m after something. If I make money, fine. But I’d rather be striving. It’s the striving, man, it’s that I want.” ~John Coltrane Last weekend my bike team put … Continue reading

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As A Writer

This week has been incredibly interesting for me, as a writer. For years, I have to admit, I’ve made fun of the phase “as a writer” because it always sounds so over-the-top. So touchy-feeling. So confident. It’s like giving yourself … Continue reading

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Let me give you a poem in these last hours of July: The silence that lies in the grass on the the underside of each blade and in the blue space between the stones. These sweet words of space and … Continue reading

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Now and Next

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. ~Rick Hanson Here it is. Month six of my once-a-month-bloggy-goal this year. I must admit that I’m kind of phoning this one in because I’m really exhausted and homesick. The … Continue reading

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Three Dark Nights of The Soul

“…people with self-respect have the courage of their mistakes. They know the price of things.” ~Joan Didion “On Self-Respect“ I’m traveling to my fifth state in seven days, and I’m currently sitting in an airport waiting for a my second … Continue reading

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