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Photos & A Thousand Words

I’ve been noodling on whether or not to post this, and I’m waking up this morning to the feeling that this post is nothing compared to the everyday challenges I faced as a writing teacher. I’ve been going through old … Continue reading

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Three Dark Nights of The Soul

“…people with self-respect have the courage of their mistakes. They know the price of things.” ~Joan Didion “On Self-Respect“ I’m traveling to my fifth state in seven days, and I’m currently sitting in an airport waiting for a my second … Continue reading

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The Right Time to Burn A Match

There’s a saying in bike racing that I always find interesting. “You need to be strategic about where you’re willing to burn a match in a race.” In race reports, you might read, “I burned a match on that switchback and … Continue reading

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Learning As A Community

  When I started graduate school again in 2010 as an education major, I was pretty unsure of what the future would hold for me and higher education. Learning communities were all the rage from about 2004-2009 at the community colleges … Continue reading

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The Forests Still Burn

“None of us expected the future to arrive so soon.” ~Ira Spring, providing the historical perspective about fire lookouts in Washington State. This post is the first of three that I plan to publish this week. My plan is to … Continue reading

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Humanities Lecture 2015: Book Nerd, Meet Tech Geek

Back in the halcyon days of my undergraduate years, I took several classes from a William Blake scholar, and my favorite class was titled The Word and The Image. We talked quite a bit about this plate from Blake, and I … Continue reading

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Shrink It & Pink It: Lady Leadership

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid. ~Audrey Lorde Dear Readers, I am going to return to recent events in … Continue reading

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Transformation & Being Sloppy in the #fedwiki

Like a lot of what I’m writing about lately, this post started in Ward Cunningham’s federated wiki. When I claimed my site, everything that I write is always, already open source. If you want it and have a site, you can … Continue reading

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Hot Pants, Happenstance, & Perceived Exertion

I wish I had the energy to do the funky chicken all night long. Truth be told: I really need a nap. You see, I deleted this post after publishing it over a month ago. A few hours after I … Continue reading

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